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"thats some sick beat"

WebTV City
i'm not a critic or professional i just like to have fun :D

Nico's Nextbots

a fan spin-off of Gmod nextbots.

personally, i find this one a tad more polished.

the game plays a little off compared to Gmod, due to being built on Roblox and not Source/HL2. As a result, Bhopping allows you to gain much more speed than it ever would in source. For example, running through glass gives you a speed boost if bhopping with sprint enabled.
My favorite bit is the map design. nn_weirdcore, nn_camberturn, nn_mall and nn_russia are some of my favorites. the OST is pretty good too (the shop theme especially), and the game (minus nn_weirdcore) does a good job of capturing that abandoned feel that source games typically have. It's also pretty graphicly impressive (for a Roblox game, that is) and makes use of Roblox's "Dynamic lighting" though granted i do play source games most of the time, so my standard for graphics is pretty low. most of the maps are derived from gmod maps. nn_mall=gm_mall_parking, nn_russia=gm_russia, so on and so forth


arcade gameplay

open world gameplay

HalfLife Event (bodermen event)

you feel a cascading sense of fear resonating..